Tower Hill School is a coeducational private school for age 3 through Grade 12, dedicated to living our motto Multa Bene Facta — Many Things Done Well. With a beautiful 44-acre campus located in northwest Wilmington, Tower Hill has the reputation as one of the top academic schools in the region. Our unparalleled resources include excellent faculty, state-of the-art facilities and individualized learning support.
Tower Hill is bound by an understanding that our students are expected to take an active part in school life and, later on, life in the adult world; to take chances within this caring community; to learn from their experiences; and then, to enrich the world in which they live. We believe that an independent school education is an all-encompassing affair, and we, as a community, bring our best to everything we do, every day.  
For those considering Tower Hill, we encourage you to schedule a visit with us. In the meantime, please take a moment to explore our website, particularly our Admission page that contains extensive information and online support for inquirying and applying.


Tower Hill School prepares students from diverse backgrounds for full and creative engagement with a dynamic world. Each student is provided with an educational experience that emphasizes the development of an inquisitive, discerning and critical mind; the value of being creative and aesthetically sensitive; the appreciation of physical well being; the ability to collaborate and to function as part of a team; and the growth of character.


By combining personal challenge with individual support, Tower Hill is a college-preparatory school committed to building in students a foundation for lifelong learning. Tower Hill believes that diversity in all aspects of school life broadens and enhances the educational experience. In keeping with our motto Multa Bene Facta — Many Things Done Well — the school provides a challenging and exhilarating program, engaging students in a variety of educational experiences, while allowing them to develop their individual strengths and pursue their passions.

To emphasize our core values — active citizenship, personal integrity, collective responsibility, team building and collaboration, and mutual respect — the school encourages each student to develop a sense of personal worth and to recognize, understand and accept the individuality of others. While cognizant of the school's Christian roots, Tower Hill embraces and celebrates diverse cultures and beliefs, fostering a strong sense of community.

Education that lasts a lifetime

At Tower Hill, each child...
...benefits from a rigorous and innovative curriculum.
....attends a school that is highly recognized for its excellence, both locally and nationally. 
...is able to try new things, stretch and grow within a warm community.
...builds confidence through performance, public speaking and artistic expression.
...learns teamwork, responsibility and grit through athletics, field trips and friendships. 
...gains leadership opportunities and a global perspective.
...will have excellent college choices and be encouraged to be ambitious about their dreams.
...will be part of an amazing alumni network that spans the globe.
...can laugh, learn, create, play, question and grow with confidence and integrity.
...matters to us!