Return to Campus Plan

Tower Hill has developed a schoolwide plan for bringing students back to campus that implements public health guidance while providing an engaging, on-campus educational experience.

Created in collaboration with the Coronavirus Task Force and Flex Planning Committee (a broad group of faculty, administrators, medical experts, board members, parents and staff), the Return to Campus Plan describes practices and protocols to safely return to campus, while ensuring that students and faculty who do not return to campus can continue to learn and teach. Central components of this plan involve face masks, physical distancing and sanitation; testing, contact tracing, notification and movement protocols; and sick protocol and at-home quarantine. In addition, we identify community standards that will support a safe learning community.

In-person classes began on Sept. 8, 2020, five days a week, with some students elected to learn remotely. Teaching, learning and being a community together during the pandemic necessitates adjusting plans in order to create the healthiest and safest learning environment possible.

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Three Modes of Learning
Tower Hill School is committed to abiding by and exceeding the State of Delaware’s guidance for the safe operation of schools. The state’s plan envisions three scenarios: 1) Minimal community spread exists in Delaware and school buildings re-open; 2) Minimal-to-moderate community spread exists in Delaware and buildings re-opening is situation dependent; and 3) Significant community spread exists in Delaware and school buildings are closed.

In response to these scenarios, Tower Hill is focused on three primary modes of operation: Tower Hill on Campus (in-person with health precautions and optional remote), Tower Hill Flex (in-person with health precautions and remote) and TowerHill@Home (fully remote).  

The Return to Campus Plan pertains to both Tower Hill On Campus and Tower Hill Flex, whenever in-person operations are possible. The plan encompasses many different aspects of prevention and mitigation, physical distancing, mask wearing, testing and navigating campus in a way that promotes lower density.


List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Will online learning mirror in person?

    We will continue to use Zoom as our platform for at-home learning. We are adding Swivel technology to the Lower School that allows for a separate camera in the classroom that will track the teacher. In Middle and Upper School, improvements have been made to cameras, microphones, and speakers.  It is our goal that these technologies will help place remote students in the classroom with their peers, virtually, with as good an experience as possible.  Most often students at home will participate in the live classes that are taking place in school.
  • Why does my child have to wear a face covering all day?

    Given the current research and what is currently understood about transmission of the virus when indoors, THS felt, and the Delaware Division of Public Health determined, that a masking protocol was an absolute must. With the guidance of our physician liaisons and a review of the current research and recommendations of organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, and our own state’s Return to School Guidelines our protocol was created. These organizations supported a masking protocol with constant masking in grades 4th through 12th and a strong recommendation for masking in the lower grades as well. Acting in the best interest of safety for our employees and students, THS will strive to achieve the highest standard and mask our entire community this school year.


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Tower Hill students pledge to abide by all of the health and safety practices policies and expectations in the Return to Campus Plan. Take the Hiller Health Pledge.

Planning Teams

Megan Cover
Andrea Glowatz
Art Hall
Alexis Herbein, R.N.
Lauren Lineback, Psy.D.
Teresa Messmore
Susan Miller
Eric Norman
Anthony Pisapia
Bessie Speers

Steve Cacciavillano
Jack Flynn, M.D.
Alexis Herbein, R.N.
Eric Johnson, M.D.
Chris Morrow
Megan O’Neill
John Reinhardt, M.D.
Theresa Shorey

John Bartlett
Megan Cover
Tara Fletcher
Andrea Glowatz
Art Hall
Noreen Jordan
Drew Keim
Matt Kator
Megan McCrery
Susan Miller
Anthony Pisapia
Dan Pratt
Andrew Scibilia
Ann Sullivan
Jason Toy
Tim Weymouth

Josh Boughner
Megan Cover
Jane Chesson
Art Hall
Matt Kator
Susan Miller
Paul Mulvena
Eric Norman
Anthony Pisapia
Charles Sharon
Tara Tatasciore
Nancy Tate
John Tchinnis

Amy Bickhart
Dyann Connor
Amy Cuddy, Ph.D.
Lauren Lineback, Psy.D.
Jessica Douglass
Amanda Jennings
Seth Kushkin
Beth Orsetti
Andrea Sarko
Eduardo Silva
Mary Taylor