Admission Overview

Thank you for your interest in Tower Hill School! As we look forward to our Centennial Celebration in 2019, we are proud of our heritage as a leader in academic excellence. Our innovative curriculum, while well-grounded in a traditional independent education, lays the foundation for our students to constantly challenge themselves to reach their potential and beyond. Our graduates go on to enroll in prestigious colleges and universities and make a meaningful difference in the world.
Tower Hill is a community that values and cultivates character, integrity, service and a passion for learning. Living our motto, Many Things Done Well, our students are inspired to bring their best to all that they do in academics, athletics, arts, and service. Tower Hill is committed to the role that diversity plays in the richness of education. We have a vibrant student body drawing from many different backgrounds and cultures that is fundamental for experiencing global perspectives.
Our campus is set on 44 acres and includes spacious classrooms incorporating modern technology, a state-of-the-art Math and Science Center, performance theaters and studios for art, music, and drama, and spectacular athletic fields and physical education facilities. Our highly regarded faculty is known for their supportive and caring natures while being masters in their fields of education.

The best way to experience the opportunities that can be afforded to your child at Tower Hill School is to see our campus in person. If you have not already visited, we encourage you to register for an Open House or schedule a personal tour by contacting our Admission Office at or 302-657-8350. We look forward to meeting you!

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"We were completely blown away by the completeness of the curriculum ... The resources Tower Hill School provides are second to none, including impressive facilities, teachers and alumni."
Parent of New Kindergarten Student
"Our daughter adores her teachers and friends, and we could see how happy she is in the learning environment and how she grew as an individual in the past year. You provided her with fundamental life skills in this early years of her education that will shape her for many years to come."
Lower School Parent
"The staff at Tower Hill were welcoming and engaging during every interaction. They were always willing to answer any of my questions — phone or email. Every chance to assist was met with willingness and enthusiasm." 
Parent of New Upper School Student


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What makes Tower Hill unique?

    A: Challenging Students to Be Their Best
    Tower Hill lives by its motto Multa Bene Facta or Many Things Done Well. Everyday our students, faculty and staff are challenged and encouraged by our community as a whole to do many things well. This means bringing the best of ourselves to all that we do. And our students strive to do it all in an environment that balances academics, the arts, athletics and community involvement. There's no doubt about it: Tower Hill is a demanding academic experience. But it is a challenge that is accompanied by dedicated faculty and advisors, who provide advice, guidance and problem-solving help, and a nurturing, supportive environment where students feel empowered to take the risks that promise real rewards in knowledge and experience.

    Commitment to Values
    Tower Hill has a deep commitment to the values of integrity, respect and responsibility, providing a fundamental ethical foundation that is apparent when one walks through the front doors of the school. In Lower School, a character curriculum is an integral component of daily teaching. We believe that learning extends well beyond the classroom for all students and take character education seriously emphasizing that responsibility requires action, not simply good intentions. Community service projects are executed every year in each grade, providing hands-on understanding of the value of service to others.

    Connectivity for Growth and Learning
    Being located primarily "under one roof" fosters connectivity that is unique from most other schools. While the Lower, Middle and Upper School each convene in their own areas of the building, cross-divisional learning opportunities, in which faculty and students join together, provide a variety of meaningful growth and learning opportunities. Third graders are immersed in the study of Shakespeare with the Upper School Shakespeare class, a Pre-kindergartner may have a 5th grade reading buddy who they see at lunch or an Upper School advisory group may pair with a Kindergarten class for mentoring.
  • Q: What are you looking for in a candidate?

    A: In the admission process, we strive to get an accurate view of our applicants through visits, school records, interviews and/or testing. The goal of the admission committee is to determine if Tower Hill can provide an optimal learning environment for each applicant. The committee members decide if the program is well-suited to a student's needs and abilities. For our youngest applicants, we ascertain if the child is developmentally ready for the program.

    Students who attend Tower Hill are inquisitive and motivated. They bring an excitement for learning into the classroom. Students immerse themselves in their learning environment. They care about each other and work together.
  • Q: Do you offer scholarships?

    A: Tower Hill's financial assistance program is need-based and offers financial assistance to families who qualify. Tower Hill does not offer athletic scholarships and regulations from the state athletic agency prohibits us from offering athletic scholarships. Tower Hill has some limited endowed scholarship funds for new students entering 9th grade based on academic achievement combined with a well-rounded background in the arts, athletics, and service.
  • Q: Are there openings at various grade levels?

    A: Tower Hill typically has new students enter at most grade levels, with the exception of twelfth grade. The majority of our new students enter in the Preschool years, Tower Tots, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten. We also enroll a large number of students entering 9th grade.
  • Q: Where do your graduates go to college?

    A: Our graduates attend a wonderful range of colleges and universities across the United States. The goal of the College Counseling office is to find the best fit for each student academically and socially. Please visit our College Counseling webpage to view the colleges our recent graduates are attending and for additional information on the in-depth services our College Counseling office provides.

    Tower Hill College Counseling

Non-Discrimination Statement

Tower Hill School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies or financial assistance program.

Admission Team

List of 6 members.

  • Kristin Mumford 

  • William Ushler 

  • Amy Bickhart 

  • Matthew Twyman III  

  • Alexandra Karlesses 

  • Linda Ogden