Green Keys

The Green Keys are student ambassadors who help the Admission Office welcome prospective students and families to Tower Hill. They assist at open houses, give tours, offer shadow days, participate in welcome events and answer any questions about Tower Hill from the student perspective. Meet a few Green Keys below!

Caitlin Smith ’23

I have been at Tower Hill since Pre K. I am a varsity athlete and co-captain of field hockey, basketball, and soccer. On top of green keys, I’m involved in a few clubs and I am also on the Athletic Board. My favorite thing about attending Tower Hill is all the relationships I have formed over the years. Through the years I have made connections with teachers, students in other grades, and staff around the school that really make Tower Hill feel like a second home. I have joined Green Keys because I hope to share with prospect students a glimpse of what this amazing campus and community has to offer.

Chloe Sachs ’23

I have been at Tower Hill for my whole life, starting in Pre K. I have always loved the tight-knit community, and the way it welcomes everyone. Being a Green Key has allowed me to be a direct part of welcoming new students. Aside from Green Keys, I participate in clubs through school such as the mock trial team, Forum Council, and the Abuelos y Tú program, where I zoom with Peruvian senior citizens in Spanish. I am also captain for Tower Hill's varsity volleyball team.

Ben Miao ’22

I came to Tower Hill in eighth grade, when I moved to Delaware from Wisconsin. My transition to a completely different environment was the smoothest it could have been. I can attribute this to Tower Hill’s unique community, occupying a niche balance between a diverse community that is also warm and welcoming. At Tower Hill, I have since expanded my horizons and delved into many activities. I swim and golf. I am a contributing member of the Science Olympiad and math team. I am also the principal cellist of the school orchestra. Additionally, the strong academics supported by great teachers have allowed me to learn and grow my curiosity across multiple disciplines. Not only has Tower Hill provided me with a rich, rewarding journey through high school, but also these experiences have forged lasting friendships and memories. I have enjoyed the Hiller experience and would be glad to share more. Go Hillers!

Abigail Pierce ‘22

I began at Tower Hill as a Pre-ker and am now in my 14th year as a senior. During my time here, I have done my best to truly embody “multa bene facta” and take advantage of the exceptional opportunities that Tower Hill has to offer. I have sang in the choir for 8 years, played on the volleyball, swimming, and lacrosse teams every year since seventh grade, and taken part in various clubs and councils. My Junior year of High School I joined Green Keys where I became the junior co-chair of the board, and in my senior year I became one of the program chairs. I have found that the balance between all aspects of student life has helped me become a more well rounded individual and made me love my Hiller experience, which is why I am so grateful to share this with new students and parents as a Green Key!