Green Keys

The Green Keys are student ambassadors who help the Admission Office welcome prospective students and families to Tower Hill. They assist at open houses, give tours, offer shadow days, participate in welcome events and answer any questions about Tower Hill from the student perspective. Meet a few Green Keys below!

Reese Mullins ’21

I toured Tower Hill as an eighth grader and entered as a new freshman. I chose Tower Hill because I loved the welcoming environment and the small class sizes create a unique and individual experience for all students. In addition, teachers are extremely flexible and want to see you succeed as a student and a person. On campus, I'm a member of the basketball and track and field team, as well as the chair of the Athletics Board, leader of the B+ Club and representative on Green Keys. I chose to be a member of Green Keys to help students find where they fit in best for high school, and for me, it was Tower Hill! I hope you choose Tower Hill and join our Hiller family next year!

Shazi Jadali ’21

I have been going to Tower Hill my whole life and have seen the school grow immensely. The welcoming community, amazing teachers and strong academics keep me engaged and make me so happy to be a Hiller. Besides Green Keys, I run track, play soccer and am involved in community service and countless clubs on campus like the B+ Club. I am also the class president this year, and thanks to Tower Hill, I could not be more prepared and excited to seize more positions of leadership in my future. I am always here to answer any questions and am so excited to meet everyone! Go, Hillers!

Olivia Kushkin ’24

I have been at Tower Hill since sixth grade, when my family moved here from Denver, Colorado. This was a very challenging experience for me, but the transition to Tower Hill made it so much easier. From the first day that I visited, I felt welcomed — and that is something that I will never forget. This experience is why I wanted to be a part of the Green Keys program. I want to make people feel as welcome and as accepted as I felt. Around school I play volleyball, basketball and soccer, and besides being on the Green Keys Board, I am also a member of the Community Outreach Board. My favorite part of being a Hiller is the people I am able to surround myself with. Tower Hill has such a great team spirit and makes everyone feel like family. I am so thankful for my time at Tower Hill! 

Hannah Pachalis ’21

I came to Tower Hill my freshman year because of the welcoming atmosphere, which I felt when I shadowed in eighth grade, and the strong academics that my parents were looking for. I love being a Green Key because of how much my shadow day impacted my decision to become a Hiller! I’m heavily involved in Green Keys, community service and extracurriculars involving medicine. I also used to play field hockey, and I still play soccer along with managing the wrestling and indoor track teams. I have loved my time at Tower Hill, and I would be glad to speak to anybody about my experience here! Go, Hillers!

Ben Racape ’22

I have been at Tower Hill since kindergarten. I play soccer, squash and tennis, and I am deeply involved in a variety of clubs, extracurriculars and other activities. Apart from the Green Keys board, I am part of the Science Olympiad team, the school band and some clubs such as skiing, chess, and equities and assets. My favorite aspect of being a Hiller is the relationships I have formed with my teachers and classmates. Through clubs, sports, and extracurriculars, Tower Hill has provided me with lots of opportunities to get to know so many people in our community; similarly, throughout my Tower Hill career, I have always had nothing but positive experiences with my teachers due to their professional, respectful and understanding manner. I joined the Green Keys last year hoping to encourage students looking at high schools to consider Tower Hill and to show them all the good things this community has to offer.

Sophia Bellingham ’23

I have been at Tower Hill since Kindergarten. I play field hockey, run indoor track, and play lacrosse. I am currently in tenth grade. My favorite part about being a Hiller is the energetic school spirit and the strong community that Tower Hill has. I am a Green Key because I have gone to Tower Hill my whole life and love the school. I am involved in many clubs like Blue Gold, B+ and Mock Trial.