Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusivity, in all aspects of identity, broaden and enhance the educational experience. Varied perspectives are a source of strength, creativity, enrichment and renewal in the Tower Hill community. These values are found in both our mission statement and in our instutional goals:

Tower Hill School prepares students from diverse backgrounds for full and creative engagement with a dynamic world.  Each student is provided with an educational experience that emphasizes the development of an inquisitive, discerning and critical mind; the value of being creative and aesthetically sensitive; the appreciation of physical well-being; the ability to collaborate and to function as part of a team; and the growth of character.

Institutional Goal on Inclusivity and Student-Centered School Culture
We will continue to focus on inclusivity, both celebrating and challenging ourselves to ensure a student-centered school culture, an exhilarating academic and extracurricular experience, and a community that knows, welcomes and respects all of our students, faculty, staff and families.

Tower Hill School embraces a broad definition of diversity that acknowledges the many ways each of us is unique, including, but not limited to, our various talents, perspectives, goals, ethnicities, identities, and religions. With this broad definition in mind, we hope to create an educational environment in which each person is genuinely valued, respected and included. We believe that diversity and inclusivity enrich the educational experience and strengthen our overall community.

Dyann Connor
Director of Social Justice


2018-2019 Social Justice Program

Upper School
Social Justice Speakers for US Assemblies:
  • Dr. Freeman Hrabowski: President of UMBC, educator, activist, mathematician
  • Nyle Fort: Princeton Doctoral Student in Religion concentrating in African American Studies speaker Black History Month
  • Sarah McBride: Natl Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign; Activist and author, born in Wilmington, DE will be keynote speaker for the Global Social Justice Symposium
Community Conversations will be held throughout the year.

Middle School
LEAD @ Tower Hill School: Leaning Into Equity Awareness and Diversity Conference is a a multi-school inclusivity conference for Grades 7 and 8. This annual event is hosted at Tower Hill School.

Lunch and Learn meetings are held during lunch time and give Middle School students an opportunity to build new friendships, share experiences, discuss issues and learn strategies for creating a more inclusive, kinder community.

Social Justice Themes by grades have been established to increase understanding, inclusion, empathy, and allyship throughout the Middle School years.

Grade 5: Kindness, Friendship and Allyship
  • Focus is on how to be kind, respectful and stand up for what you believe is right.
  • Focus on being an Upstander not a Bystander
  • Focus on how to become an inclusive member of the Middle School community
Grade 6: Gratitude for a Community that includes Respect and Value for Diversity
  • Focus on exploring ways we are the same and different
  • Focus on respecting and valuing the strength that diversity brings to a community, athletic team, collaborative work, etc.
Grade 7: disAbilities  
  • Focus on the ABILITIES we each have and developing ways to be a more inclusive community
Grade 8: Courage: Design Thinking in Social Justice
  • Focus on working together to make our school community, Wilmington, and the World a kinder,  more inclusive community through communication and problem solving to build bridges across differences.

Lower School
The Lower School’s AMAZE Program is an anti-bias literature curriculum "that improves social and learning environments by engaging children and adults in important conversations that build empathy and respect across differences."

Faculty Professional Development: SEED
SEED is a peer-led faculty professional development program that invites conversation to encourage personal, organizational and societal change toward greater equity and inclusion. Tower Hill began its SEED program in 2017.



PAATH (Parents of African-Americans at Tower Hill)
PAATH sponsors activities and programs that celebrate the African-American experience as a valued and integral component of a Tower Hill education. We also foster an appreciation for diversity, promote cultural competence and help create a supportive environment for African-American families.

DISTINCT (Diversity and Inclusion at Tower Hill)
DISTINCT organizes social and community-building activities to promote the fellowship of parents who advocate for the benefits of diversity in education at Tower Hill School. We also collaborate with Director of Social Justice Dyann Connor to support schoolwide events and programming.

To join PAATH and/or DISTINCT, please contact Director of Social Justice Dyann Connor at dconnor@towerhill.org.

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