Diversity and Inclusion

Social Justice Task Force

As part of our school commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Tower Hill has formed a Social Justice Task Force. This group includes students, alumni, parents, faculty and administrators, led by Trustee Carmen Wallace ‘93 and Director of Social Justice Dyann Connor. We are excited about the opportunity to work collaboratively on essential initiatives as we continue to build a more inclusive, equitable school community. We will share updates from the Task Force throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Social Justice Task Force Subcommittees

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  • Curriculum Subcommittee

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  • Policies and Procedures Subcommittee

    Led by:
    Eric Norman, Chief Financial Officer 
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  • Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee

    Led by:
    Matt Twyman '88, Director of Alumni Relations and Associate Director of  Admission 
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Social Justice Task Force Members

Carmen Wallace '93, Trustee, Chair 
Dyann Connor, Director of Social Justice, Vice Chair
Rachel Ashbrook
Suzanne Ashley
Sam Barrett '16
Nadia Belkadi
Evelyn Brady
Alaina Brandon
Jane Chesson
Christine Cirillo Gilbert
Courtney Collier-Beyer
Katie Conway
Cristina Cooke
Joseph Cooke
Selene Costello
Francine Davis-Motley
Rick Deadwyler
Yvonne Deadwyler
Andy Dickerson '99
Everett Dickerson
Ellen Ellis
Paityn Farrow
Vickie Fedele
Tara Fletcher
Robert Freeze
Shawn Futch '16
Andrea Glowatz
Jennifer Griffin
Charles Habgood
Art Hall
Paula Hall
Xiangdong “Hancock” Han
Natalie Haskins
Courtney Hayman '14
Monty Hayman '87
Diamond Howell-Shields
Kelly Hunter
Suchi Iyengar
Olivia Jordan
Aislynn Kator
Saira Kazmi
Dr. Saima Khan
Jody Lanza-Gregory '13
Emani Larkin
Delaney Leonard
Dr. Lauren Lineback
Victoria Longo
Carmen Martinez
Dr. Nicholas Matlin
Dr. Anna Miller
Jalyn Miller
Lois Miller
Susan Miller
Jasmine Minhas '18
Natalie Moravek
Rachael Morrison
Zipora Morrison
Paul Mulvena
Dana Nestor
Mikelle Phillips
Anthony Pisapia
Reece Ratliff
Penny Rodrick-Williams
Chloe Sachs
Andrea Sarko
Claire Saunders
Andrew Scibilia
Bertram Scott
Sabrina Scott
Shefali Shah-Munshi
Stephanie Silverman
Laura Simon
Asha Smith
Caitlin Smith
Funke Soleye
Bessie Speers
Ilicia Strasser
Ann Sullivan
Katie Sullivan
Dr. Sabrina Thomas
Matt Twyman
Mary Warren Foulk '87
Makayla Warthen
Maya Warthen
Michael Warthen
Rikki Warthen
Kaiya Whitfield
Michelle Wrambel
Alexis Wrease '17
Roy Wright
Hannah Zhao
Jen Zuck