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The Spain program traveled to Andalusia, Spain's southernmost region. The group toured Andalusia's most famous and breathtaking cities—Grenada, Cordoba, Sevilla and Gibraltar—experiencing lots of language, traditions, great food, historical sites, adventure and Tower Hill camaraderie. 

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Student Testimonials

Jack Allen '24

Not only did the trip grant us the ability to discover the evolution of Spanish culture and architecture throughout history, but the trip also granted us the opportunity to build friendships with classmates from our grades and others, as well as build bonds with some chaperone teachers. Personally, my favorite part of the trip was the cooking class because this event served as both an educational opportunity to learn how to cook a common Spanish food, and also as an opportunity to have fun while being surrounded by friends which best encompasses the entire experience.

Phoebe Quinn-Plemmons '24

I enjoy traveling because it introduces me to new foods and cultures I would not otherwise interact with. This trip enabled me to immerse myself beyond how I would have imagined with cultural exploration through foods and interacting with the local people. 

Costa Rica

The Costa Rica program focused on service through environmental conservation. The group built concrete poles to mark the national reserve land that is protected by the Costa Rican government. In addition to tackling these key environmental issues, they learned culinary practices, dances, and games from the local community, traveled through a rainforest and even went ziplining.

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Student Testimonials

Saahil Kattepogu '25

A big part of our trip to Costa Rica were the fun activities we were able to do together, from riding down a river full of wildlife, to ziplining through the treetops and touring the local coffee plantations.

Charlotte Langlois '23

My favorite experience during the trip was interacting with the community. One night while in Camp Caño Negro, we had a spontaneous birthday celebration for one of the staff members. Some people from the community came, and one boy (around our age) played the guitar for us. My favorite moment was when he started playing Despacito and everyone in our group got really excited because we recognized the melody, and we started laughing and singing along. Despite the language barrier, in this moment we really got to connect with people from an entirely different culture.