Tower Hill 100 gifts support campaign priorities through one of three giving channels: endowment, capital and program initiatives, or the Annual Fund. All are critical to the financial success of Tower Hill, yet they function very differently.


The Capital and Program Initiatives component of the campaign refers to specific projects that require dedicated and immediate funding in order to develop, such as the creation of the Experiential Outdoor Classroom dedicated in November 2018, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of existing facilities. Gifts to capital and program initiatives have an immediate impact and help enhance the school’s facilities to meet the evolving needs of teachers and students. The Middle and Upper School Library, for example, has not been upgraded since it was built in 1973 and no longer suits the technology driven, interdisciplinary work required of today’s learners. The Campus Master Plan evaluated how the school can improve use of existing space, reconfigure classrooms, add new learning and presentation spaces and create more opportunities for students to collaborate, as they will be required to do in college and the workplace.


Dollars committed to Tower Hill’s Annual Fund go directly to supporting Tower Hill’s operating budget and the highest day-to-day priorities. The Annual Fund encompasses all professional and volunteer efforts, ranging from online solicitation and direct mail asks to email and phone appeals and in-person requests for support. The Annual Fund makes up nearly 5% of the annual operating budget. In addition to supporting financial aid and faculty salaries, Tower Hill’s Annual Fund expands learning opportunities and provides components that enhance programs and activities in our school — such as team uniforms, computers, theater costumes, field trips and musical instruments. The Annual Fund is also part of the Tower Hill 100 Centennial Campaign; gifts to the Annual Fund allow us to keep tuition as low as possible, covering the gap between the real cost of educating a student and tuition.


An endowment fund is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Composed of gifts and bequests generously donated by philanthropic individuals, families or organizations, endowment funds are vital to maintaining the quality and breadth of Tower Hill’s programs. After endowment funds are invested for one full calendar year, a portion of the income earned provides support to the operating budget, while the remainder is added to the principal to build the fund’s market value. This enables an endowment fund to grow over time, providing support for its designated purpose, which may include general operating support, in perpetuity. Endowment funds also safeguard institutions against market volatility. When you establish an endowment fund, you create a permanent legacy of support for Tower Hill School.

Existing restricted endowment funds at Tower Hill support critical needs ranging from faculty salary support and professional development funds to student financial aid and special awards. Unrestricted endowment funds support general operating expenses.