Exhilarating Academic Program

Curiosity, problem solving and a love of learning set students up for success later in life. Tower Hill is committed to providing an innovative, exhilarating and timeless educational experience that fosters these qualities. Building on the strength of a rigorous academic program, the school is expanding offerings and resources that complement existing coursework and make interdisciplinary connections while maximizing learning.  

“Faculty and students are excited to embrace real world learning that has every bit of rigor that Tower Hill is known for—and will always be known for—but also includes hands on, experiential aspects that ensure our students are engaged at the top level,” Head of School Bessie Speers said.

• Further develop Global Initiatives  
• Provide experiential learning opportunities such as
   Tower Term
• Expand the Teaching and Learning Center
• Improve use of library space
• Integrate Experiential Outdoor Classroom with Lower School curriculum

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