Financial Aid and Affordability

Tower Hill’s financial aid budget is smaller than a number of peer schools in the Wilmington area—despite having increased financial aid 48% from $2.1 million four years ago to $3.1 million this year. Recent market research revealed that the school is losing qualified students who are interested in a Tower Hill education due to their family’s concerns about affording tuition. Stronger admission outreach encouraging families to apply for financial aid is broadening the base of qualified applicants, and campaign gifts in this area will support further gains.

“We need to give all the talent in the area access to Tower Hill,” said Trustee Jack Flynn, M.D. ’81. “Financial aid allows that talent to have that access and brings economic diversity to the classroom. Economic diversity, like all kinds of diversity, has powerful educational value. It is valuable to teachers, students and the whole mission of Tower Hill.”

• Increase financial aid
• Subsidize academic expenses for students demonstrating need (books, materials, trip fees)

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