Global Initiatives
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Host Families Needed

Tower Hill will be welcoming new international students for the 2016-2017 school year. These students possess strong academic skills, speak English, have their own spending money and are covered by health insurance. However, they are a long way from home and need good families to support their studies!
Host families receive a generous monthly stipend to help cover food, lodging and transportation to and from school. Renascentia Hall International, a global education organization, coordinates the host family program. Host families receive regular support from a dedicated host family coordinator and a bi-lingual student advisor. Renascentia Hall provides an orientation session, host family handbook, monthly student activities, coordination of tutoring (if needed) and ongoing communication between school, host parents and the students’ parents. Families with an extra bedroom and an interest in international understanding are urged to contact Karen Jack at 302-273-2009 or for an application.