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  • Ranbir Parmar
    Congratulations to Tower Hill team and especially my sweet heart nephew - Kirit for wonderful achievement. Hope the team is preparing for International Math Olympiad - here is the link for easy reference - https://www.imo-official.org/ With tons of love for every body in team and best wishes - Ranbir (MS - CS & BTech/BS - EE).

Middle Schoolers Place at Delaware Math League Competition

This year a group of 23 eighth-grade students elected to compete in the Delaware Math League Competition. The students were, Sean Beberman, Blaine Boyden, Phoebe Brinker, Ty Brinker, Jennifer Cleary, Aidan Donoho, Ben du Pont, Anna Paisley Gray, Medhanie Irgau, Barron Jones, Alex Kelleher, Henry Li, Kirit Minhas, Daniel Petrylka, Nate Pilson, Yash Prashar, Alex Racape, Nicole Saridakis, Sander Saridakis, Will Togo, Neel Vaddi, Joe Zakielarz and Thomas Zehner.
Our group consisted of three eighth-grade teams and competed in four meets during the regular season.  Tower Hill is in Region 2 in the state and competes against four other local schools in our area.  We were quite successful in our region with the Tower Hill Team #1 placing third and the Tower Hill Team #2 placing fourth.
As a result of Tower Hill’s team performance, our one team was invited to Dover to compete in the statewide competition on Monday, April 4. Phoebe Brinker, Anna Paisley Gray, Alex Kelleher, Kirit Minhas, Yash Prashar and Sander Saridakis represented Tower Hill in this invitational meet where they competed against over twenty-five different schools and did very well. The students and their parents enjoyed themselves at the dinner and banquet, which followed the competition.