Leadership and Strategic Plan

Preparing for the Future

Dear Tower Hill Families,
The March wind is surely blowing winter out and spring in! An official welcome back from spring break. Yesterday I joined some of our Middle School students as they cleaned up Rockford Park, while others went to work at the Food Bank. Our spring teams are faring well, including a girls varsity soccer victory over Sanford yesterday. I tried to keep up with our track team while they did their push ups, squats and lunges as part of their warm down workout on the field. Spring is time to get in shape, and I hope to join our tennis team once in a while on the courts. Spring in schools is one of my favorite seasons! 
As we begin to turn our attention to creating a robust strategic plan for Tower Hill and as we prepare for the school's milestone Centennial in 2019, informed strategy and a bold vision are both critical. Therefore, we are investing in an important market research project. This school-wide effort includes focus groups and surveys with various constituencies, a competitive analysis of other schools, and strategic recommendations to enhance the educational experience of our students.
Input from current families is absolutely essential to this work. For this reason, we have developed an online survey for current parents. This survey examines what you value most about your investment in Tower Hill and invites your feedback on specific initiatives under consideration. The findings of this survey will not only inform our communications efforts; they will inform our strategic plan. This plan will very likely build upon our goals of curricular innovation and being a school of Wilmington and the world. 

We have engaged Art & Science Group, a national consulting firm specializing in education at both the college and university levels as well as top independent schools, to help us with this project. Within the next week or so, you will receive an email from Art & Science. The email will contain a link to the survey, which should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your individual responses to the questions will be kept anonymous and completely confidential. Only results from collective data, and not individual responses, will be shared with Tower Hill. A summary report will also be shared with our parents at the project’s conclusion.  
We are very grateful to you for your participation in this survey, as the results will guide our plans for Tower Hill’s future. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. This is indeed an exciting time for our school. Thank you for being close alongside; linking arms on this project will have a tremendous impact, ensuring that our commitment to excellence for our students is built upon a bold vision.

Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School