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  • Chigoziri Ekennia
    Tihs is highly an inspiration for all parents who cherish whole-child centered education. Once again, Tower Hill have demonstrated their commitment to producing properly adjusted graduates not just teaching for examination purposes.

Lower School Teachers Attend Learning and the Brain Conference 2016

Lower School faculty members Jean Snyder, Samantha Spruance and Theresa Shorey (pictured here with former THS teacher Jane Boarman) recently attended the Learning and the Brain Conference in Florida, which focused on creativity and imagination.
"I loved hearing Sir Ken Robinson speak about the urgency to develop creative schools,” Mrs. Shorey shared. “I spent an entire day in different sessions listening to experts in early childhood education and neuroscience discuss the role of play, both guided and free, in the development of a child's executive function skills."
Among the many speakers were Marc A. Brackett on how to directly teach emotional intelligence; Sara Cox on when and how to use technology to allow students to be creative; Richard M. Cash on teaching self-regulation; and John Almadore on "Engaging Teens and Their Brains through Passion, Novelty and Relevance." 
"The conference was very inspiring and had great strategies for motivating, engaging and teaching all learners," Mrs. Spruance said.