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Celebrating the Arts

Dear Tower Hill families,
The arts are in full bloom at Tower Hill, and I can hardly believe that it was exactly a year ago when I attended my first Evening of the Arts on Tower Hill's campus! The year has come full circle for me, and I am even more excited than I was at this time last year. We surely celebrate our students’ creative talents in many ways. The paintings, drawings, collages, and ceramics now on display in the Lower School hallway and Founders’ Gallery highlight a year’s worth of artistic growth for our Tower Tots on up. If you have not done so already, take time to walk through the collection; it is truly remarkable! 
You may also want to view this recap of Wednesday’s Middle School talent show. I love that our students are encouraged to take risks and feel comfortable sharing their voices and dance routines, even if every note or step is not perfect. This type of courage happens in warm communities where students feel respected and supported by their teachers and peers. It will be fun to see our Middle School students grow as they participate in productions and performances throughout their Upper School years.
I hope you were able to stop by The Evening of the Arts, where band and choral ensembles shone and art installations were tucked throughout the building in whimsical and surprising ways. From a surreal Alice in Wonderland in the theater to a miniature room-within-a-room to English teacher John Robinson as performance art, we surely have creative and thoughtful artists among our Upper School students! And the production of Julius Caesar earlier this month certainly deserves another mention. As the parents of two very different children when it comes to arts and athletics, Tom and I are convinced that both arts and athletics have much in common. They both require perseverance, practice, discipline, trial and error, mental toughness, vision, courage, and stamina. It is wonderful to be at a school where both are celebrated in vibrant ways throughout the year. 

Our music, visual arts and theater faculty do such a wonderful job cultivating artistic expression in our students. This quality has always been central to our school’s mission. Thank you for your partnership in supporting arts education at Tower Hill; I will see you soon at the spring concerts!


Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School