Leadership and Strategic Plan

Spring is in the Air

Dear Parents,

After a simply beautiful Upper School spring concert on campus on Wednesday night, I left for Boston yesterday to gather with 60 plus Tower Hill alumni and friends at the Harvard Club. Tower Hill spirit is surely alive and well in New England, despite the days on end of drizzle and grey that this area is experiencing, too. April showers bring May flowers...? May showers bring... smart Tower Hill students!

Speaking of which, how fortunate we are to be right in the midst of the Wilmington Flower Market. The picture that hangs in my office of the Flower Market has had me wondering all year about this nice community event. I trust our children will enjoy some time there, no matter if the sun comes out or not. My grandmother had a greenhouse and won prizes at the Philadelphia flower show, so it is fun to be at a school that has a flower market just steps away. If the truth be told, we had our own spring flower market of sorts here on campus, thanks to the extraordinary talent of our Home and School Faculty/Staff Appreciation Lunch. I have seen lots of creative appreciation days, but ours truly is top of the list! Thank you to our amazing parent volunteers who transformed the music room to look like a farmer's market, complete with a chocolate dipping station, in which I seemed to conveniently lose my strawberries...!

By the time you read this on Friday morning, I will be at a meeting with our representative in the Harvard admission office. Our administrative team, trustees and I are all making a point to visit college admission representatives amidst our travels, as it never hurts to wave the green and white flag in person.

So amidst the spirit of Field Day fast approaching, Flower Market and rites of passage for our students completing their year at Tower Hill, one of the things we take seriously is leadership. The election speeches for student leadership roles at Tower Hill have been taking place over the last few weeks. The confidence, passion and respect with which our students speak in front of their peers in order to run for office are qualities I wish our current national election could embody a bit more!

At Tower Hill, we believe in integrity, academic excellence and serving our community from the inside out. I am proud of all our students who are running for office. They have done so with the respect and integrity that is an expectation of a Tower Hill student. When I met with a very senior alum this week to hear stories about our school's history, it was clear that citizenship, character and humility have been deeply embedded in Tower Hill's mission.

The sun will come out... tomorrow!


Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School