Leadership and Strategic Plan

Summer at Tower Hill

Dear parents,
Earlier this week, the senior administrative team at Tower Hill visited Serviam Academy in New Castle. As we contemplate how to truly be a school "of Wilmington," it is always good to visit other schools, speak with colleagues in different settings, and observe other programs. While campuses, resources, and neighborhoods may differ, great teaching, passionate and dedicated students, and innovation in education can all be found in schools with strong and successful missions. As Tower Hill considers signature partnerships, it is important that we imagine both how we will contribute and how we will learn from others. At Serviam, students attend academic programs through the summer. 
While I promise we will not cancel summer vacation, there are ways to ensure that our children have opportunities to keep reading, writing, and exploring their academic passions during the summer. Summer at Tower Hill has many enrichment options on campus for Lower through Upper School students, including:
  • Coding camps for high school students with Zip Code Wilmington
  • Robotics and CSI camps for middle and lower schoolers
  • Fun reading and math sessions to reinforce skills previously introduced
Of course, summer coursework and reading lists will soon be available on TowerNet, and I will try to share a few recommended titles that I hope to get through this summer in case it’s any inspiration for you as parents. Your children have learned and accomplished so much this year, and we are here to partner with you on maximizing their academic journey the year through. My week has included time with our Tower Tots, witnessing "Sprint into Spring" with our Middle Schoolers, and participating in a college admissions exercise with our Juniors, their parents, and Haverford College admissions officers. Enjoy your weekend, and as we have said to the students, "let's finish strong...!" 


Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School