Leadership and Strategic Plan

Faculty Development

Dear parents,
Today the entire Tower Hill faculty will be attending the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS) Conference at the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Session topics range from design thinking and collaborative teaching to externships and cultural competency. In fact, Tower Hill is leading three sessions:
· Dr. Amy Cuddy and Lower School Reading Specialist Samantha Spruance on T.I.M.E. – A Model for Conceptualizing and Remediating Executive Dysfunction;
· Samantha Spruance on Making Math Meaningful;
· and Director of Admission Kristin Mumford and I on The New Normal: The Personalized Admission Process. 
Investing in our teachers and staff through ongoing professional development will be an ever-important priority for Tower Hill; research states that the experience of students in the classroom is directly linked to the level to which a school invests in professional development for its teachers. Our teachers are committed, talented and dedicated, and they deserve the opportunity to explore best practices and new approaches with colleagues from different schools. Doing so helps spark ideas for innovation, cross-curricular collaboration and more. We encourage our teachers and staff, as well as our students, to embrace a growth mindset in developing one’s skills and abilities. You can hear more on this subject in this TEDx Talk by Eduardo Briceno.
As we move into the second phase of our strategic planning process, whereby the SP Committee will utilize the market research presented yesterday, we have not only an opportunity but an obligation to ensure we are thoughtful, bold and creative as we together ensure relevant and engaging academic excellence.
Thanks to those of you who attended the presentation of market research findings yesterday by Art & Science; we welcome feedback and questions from attendees through this feedback form

Do encourage and allow your children to take a deep breath, and do take a moment to praise their effort thus far this fall. Perhaps ask them what "kindnesses" they have appreciated or extended this year.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School