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Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Dear parents, 
This week we enjoyed the first of three winter concerts, which featured handbells, 
strings and the jazz band. If you were not able attend, I encourage you and your family to join our student vocalists and musicians for the choir concert on Dec. 8, the band concert on Dec. 15, or both! Students and our dedicated faculty members work so hardto prepare for these performances. Music is important to our souls!
The creativity and expression experienced through the arts are an important component of a well-rounded education. Music instruction can shape language development, testperformance and spatial-temporal skills, while also teaching discipline, practice and perseverance. Theater and the visual arts build confidence, innovative self-expression and aesthetic appreciation, challenging students to step out of their comfort zones. Artistic endeavors are worthwhile in and of themselves, as they have influenced our society and culture for millennia.
Tonight is the opening of the new Founders’ Gallery show, showcasing contemporary Iranian art by Dr. Mehdi Jadali P ‘21 and ’25, and in the coming weeks we will have sing-alongs, a Kindergarten play, first-grade dancing, Upper School performances in Love Park and of course, the age old tradition of Tree Trim. Instead of not displaying any symbols of the season, Tower Hill celebrates and welcomes the abundance of religious customs and traditions associated with this season. Amidst it all, we must remember to inhale and exhale, to appreciate the moment, to not get swept up in the material, but rather to help our children appreciate the true blessings of the Tower Hill community and family, which simply cannot be bought or wrapped. 

Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School