Leadership and Strategic Plan
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Strategic Planning

Dear parents,
Being part of a PreK-12 school is a joy, as you never know when a young child might unexpectedly brighten your day. This week on Valentine’s Day, the Tower Tots popped into our Admin Team meeting to share Goldfish crackers with a note that read, “We’re glad we swim in the same school.” We couldn’t agree more.
In that meeting, our senior administrators were discussing the preliminary summaries of Tower Hill’s Strategic Planning Committee work groups.The committee includes teachers, parents, administrators, trustees, alumni, students and education experts, and I am so impressed by the thought, care and study that have gone into the process so far. Students and faculty will be providing feedback on the preliminary summaries soon, and your input as parents is a crucial part of the process as well. After we gather feedback from all constituencies and incorporate it into the ongoing drafting process over the next half of the year, the Strategic Plan will be finalized and presented to the Board for official blessing in May. Please join us for one of three upcoming sessions for parents about Tower Hill’s strategic plan in the 1919 Auditorium:
Thursday, March 308:15-9:15 a.m. 
Thursday, March 307-8 p.m.
Wednesday, April 57-8 pm.
An online feedback form — Tower Hill Share — will be sent to parents via email following the sessions, and you are encouraged to weigh in on strategic initiatives whether or not you are able to attend. Thank you for your partnership in shaping Tower Hill’s continued success; we are committed to being a student-centered school that provides the most exhilarating academic experience, relevant to the world in which we live, and as our Tower Tots might say, to "swimming together as one school"!

Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School