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Seventh-Graders Attend Middle School Diversity Leadership Conference

On Wednesday, March 1, a group of seventh-graders participated in the annual Middle School Diversity Leadership Conference at The Haverford School. 
Bo Gravuer, Aislynn Kator, Jalyn Miller, Alice Nolen-Watson, Tucker Poff and Marissa Washburn accompanied by chaperones Dyann Connor and Ida Leader, had the opportunity to join 400 students from Delaware and Pennsylvania for presentations and discussions around the topic "Brave or Blind."
Jalyn Miller shares her experience: 
The Diversity Conference, hosted by Haverford School in Pennsylvania, was a eye-opening and compelling opportunity for Middle School students to learn about racial, religious, gender and other diversity related topics. The keynote speaker, DeVon Jackson, Associate Director of Intercultural Affairs at Villanova University, presented  primarily on the topics of privilege and allyship as well as economic, racial, and religious diversity. He engaged and educated the students attending the conference through skits, activities and discussion. Students learned how to handle tough situations where people can be hurtful and insensitive and the importance of being an ally to support and encourage respect and understanding for different backgrounds and experiences. The Tower Hill students who attended said they enjoyed the multicultural environment and hearing different approaches to attack diversity challenges of racial, ethnic, religious and gender differences. The conference made a lasting impression and infused students with new outlooks and valuable lessons that will help them to better appreciate diversity in the Tower Hill community and beyond.