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Hillers Help Habitat for Humanity in North Carolina

During the first week of spring break, 11 students and two chaperones traveled to Durham, North Carolina, to work with Habitat for Humanity. During the week, the group worked on five different houses and a range of projects. Two of the houses were almost finished, so students did painting and landscaping. The other houses were just getting started, so they helped to insulate the foundation and put down flooring systems. Throughout the week, students learned how to work together on projects they had never done before, as well as learn about construction. 
Chaperones: Nicole Keith and Steven McCarthy
Students: Laura Taschner, Lauren Formanski, Allison Smith, Denny Grande, Sly Schorn, Gui Trinadade, Adam Fisher, James Mou, Teddy Hughes, Bryson Boyd, John Mekus