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Dear parents, 
What a wonderful Evening of the Arts last night! It is one of my favorite traditions at Tower Hill, and I can remember visiting campus for the first time and being so impressed by this all-school display of extraordinary arts, community and music. 

Last spring as we considered the selection of a 2016-2017 Word of the Year, the word "Kindness" kept rising to the surface. John Robinson’s Graduation Invocation mentioned “the selfless act of kindness” as a source of soulfulness; a Middle School award was presented to a student who had “shown kindness and care towards others.” The expectation to exhibit kindness can be found in our divisional codes of conduct, and it is even embodied by “Kindness Koala” in our preschool! 

This word can be both gentle and powerful, understated and ubiquitous. Kindness is woven into the fabric of our Tower Hill community, evident every day in the patience, respect and character of our students, teachers, staff and parents. Visitors to Tower Hill often comment about the genuine kindness and warmth they experience on campus. 
To celebrate our Word of the Year, the Communication Office’s Grace DeSeta — with help from Director of Service Learning Chris Morrow and eighth-grader Catherine Timon — created a new Kindness Tree on the bulletin board in the front hallway of the school. If you have not done so already, stop by to read the reflections shared and take a paper leaf to add one of your own. For, as the saying goes, “Every act of kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul.” Tower Hill has a wonderful soul. 

Let's join in a strong finish to the year by being our best selves and leaning into Kindness!