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Time to Reflect

Dear parents,
This week’s tragic news about State Trooper Cpl. Stephen Ballard reminds us of how precious life is and how for any one of us, life can change in an instant. Ultimately, we are reminded to fully appreciate what we have in family, friends, teachers and our school community, and to be fully present, kind and courageous—all things that surely our fallen hero was for his family and our state. We will keep the Ballard family in our thoughts and prayers. 
Sometimes we may grumble about the mundane or routine in our daily lives, however truth be told, it can be these very routines that reassure and ground us. Our students have been engaged in all manner of routines and activities recently, from prom to play rehearsals, strategic planning to Lego robotics, Week of the Young Child projects to 1st Grade Community Expo preparations. Taking time to reflect amidst our routines and this busy time of year is critical to making meaning within our lives. Tower Hill affords our students and community the opportunity to gather together each day; whether it be circle time in the Lower School, Middle School Assemblies or advisory program, or Upper School Morning Meeting and reflections after each lunch, we are one community. We are connected to one another and must support each other every step of the way.