Leadership and Strategic Plan

Engaging Speakers

Dear parents,
Tower Hill is very fortunate to attract excellent speakers to share their perspectives and experiences with our students. This week Dr. Mehmet Oz, who graduated in 1978, came back to campus to talk about health-related topics that connect to young people’s everyday lives — from stress to sleep to sports drinks. His engaging and entertaining presentation was well received by students and faculty alike. Part of his message encouraged us to consider what gives us energy versus what zaps our energy. As we finish the year on a strong note, it is important for us to remember that our students are watching us closely, as parents, teachers and coaches. 
So while May can be a month when we feel the pressure of closure, transitions and getting it all in before the end of the year, we must remember to breathe and remember how fortunate we all are to be part of such a strong community at Tower Hill. Exuding a hopeful, un-anxious and positive outlook is ever important; avoiding negativity and ensuring that we model our best selves for our children and students is what we are called to do as the adults in their lives.