Leadership and Strategic Plan

Season of Harvest

Dear parents, 
As I wrote to our faculty and staff yesterday, a true community takes care of one and all, and this is surely what happened on Wednesday thanks to your cooperation, patience and understanding, as well as that of our students. I am proud of the entire Tower Hill team for their attention and leadership; the safety of our students, teachers and families will always be top priority.  
As this fall has surely included too much sadness, senseless violence and tragedy, caused by both human and nature's hands, it is worth acknowledging that fear can surely affect all of us. However, I remain convinced that the best antidote to fear is to deliberately recognize and celebrate the bounties and gifts we bring each other within the Tower Hill community, especially as we approach this season of harvest. Parents, teachers and school communities continue to plant and nurture seeds of hope, grace, peace and understanding. Thank you for all the ways you and your children continue to sow them deeply within our Tower Hill community. Your children are dear to us. 
With sincere appreciation, 
Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School