Leadership and Strategic Plan

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear parents,

This week, our Upper School students heard from historian and professor C. James Trotman, who spoke about one of our country’s most famous abolitionists, Frederick Douglass. Mr. Trotman spoke about Douglass’ courage in wearing the “hat of humanity” as he stood up for the rights of African Americans. During a time in our country’s history when our government did not recognize the humanity of all people, the work of Frederick Douglass and many others helped to shape the nation and further the struggle for justice that has characterized our history.

During this season of Thanksgiving, we are surely called to be grateful — for family, food, friends, health, teachers, parents, our freedom and the progress we have made towards a just and free country. We are also called to have the courage to be humble and to reflect on the continued work necessary to ensure that respect and freedom are extended to all in our communities and in our country. To this end, my hope is that Thanksgiving will encourage each of us to wear our “hat of humanity.” In so doing, we help our children to recognize that they are indeed part of a larger community that needs their intellect, compassion, courage and humility.

At Tower Hill, we are extremely fortunate to be part of a community of bright, motivated students, dedicated faculty and staff, and parents who are fully engaged in the Tower Hill experience. As our entire school gathers in the Weaver Gym on Tuesday at 11 a.m., we surely have much for which to be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School