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Ninth-Graders Create Stop-Motion Videos in Biology

Anytime ninth-graders have permission to use their phones in class, they’re happy.
Recently in Penny Rodrick-Williams’ freshman biology class, students used the iMotion app to create stop-motion videos while studying movement through cell membranes. While some molecules can easily move through the cell membrane, others can’t, so they have to move through proteins. The students modeled the different types of proteins that molecules move through.
“From my experience teaching ninth-graders, it’s just a hard concept to wrap your head around, so we had these cool pieces that they could move around and make models with,” Rodrick-Williams said. “Since it’s movement, it made sense to use the iMotion app.”
Rodrick-Williams said she likes to try new things in her classroom, and that technology can often be used in exciting and innovative ways.
“It’s hands on,” she said. “It’s hard to imagine what that movement must look like just hearing about it and reading about it. Animation makes it easier. And to be able to set it up and complete it yourself just takes it to the next level.”