Global Initiatives
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Lower School Passport Program Teaches Global Outlook

By Eduardo Silva, Director of Global Initiatives
This article appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of the Tower Hill Bulletin

Ninety-nine years ago, Tower Hill School was founded upon the principle of providing a progressive and modern education. While the way in which we’ve defined what that looks like over the years has varied and evolved, what has remained true and constant is the effort Tower Hill has makes to always look toward tomorrow with a sense of curiosity, hope and promise. 
Last year, Tower Hill saw the arrival of the Global Scholar Certificate Program in the Upper School. Proving successful, the first three senior recipients were a testament to the strong global focus that’s been woven into our curriculum. In that same vein, the concerted effort toward expanding our curricular global perspective has made its way into the halls of our Lower School. This year, Natalie Moravek was appointed the Lower School Global Studies Coordinator in an effort to guide and support our global efforts in the Lower School. 
Moravek arrived to Tower Hill in 2008 and has since taught Spanish in all levels of the Lower School. When it came to finding someone who could carry the torch of global studies to our youngest, she was a natural fit. Her ability to connect with students, paired with her passion for gaining cultural perspective, makes her a necessary addition to the schoolwide Global Initiatives program. 
Moravek hit the ground running and introduced the Lower School Passport Program. Similar to the Upper School certificate, this initiative is designed to inspire students to become citizens of the world and to learn to see the world through different lenses. More importantly, Moravek is working closely with each Lower School teacher to further strengthen and diversify our global coursework with grade-appropriate lessons. Already, if you’ve had the chance to walk through our halls, you can see the work that’s been done across different grades. Whether it’s learning about the different flags of Africa in 4th Grade or hearing about life in Nicaragua from a Nicaraguan national in 2nd Grade, we’re constantly looking for different ways to bring the world into our classrooms. 
It’s equally important that our teachers understand the value and power of a diverse and global curriculum. To this end, Moravek, Wendy Liu, Ph.D. and I will be traveling together this spring to the TABS/NAIS Global Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana. This event brings together educators from around the world to discuss, analyze and share the latest and best practices in global education. Our hope is to place Tower Hill at the center of what a globalized education looks like, and this includes traveling around the world and networking with other schools that believe in and carry out this mission. 
So what does the future hold for Global Initiatives at Tower Hill? The Middle School will also introduce a similar program that will systematically infuse global studies into its curriculum. In the Upper School, we’re revamping our International Dinner and presenting a student-driven International Night that will infuse live performances and cultural displays. Additionally, we’ll continue to increase our travel offerings in all divisions and find ways to make those opportunities accessible to as many of our students as possible. We’re slated to welcome more new international students next year on campus and look forward to the unique perspective they will bring to our students and school community. As we come together to celebrate our Centennial, we’ll not only look at our past, but more importantly, we’ll celebrate the promise of tomorrow.