Service Learning
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9th Grade Participates in Day of Service

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, the entire 9th Grade volunteered with multiple service agencies in the area, all of which had either educational or cultural missions, including the Delaware Museum of Natural History, Winterthur, Ronald McDonald House, Rockwood Park and Mansion, the Brandywine Zoo, the Delaware Historical Society, the New Castle Historical Society and Rodney Street Tennis and Tutoring.

“The purpose of the event was to introduce students to service,” Director of Service Learning Kim Fabbri said. “Service is something that Tower Hill has done since its inception, so this was a really great opportunity for students to get introduced to nonprofit agencies in the area and see the different ways service can take shape. It gave them an opportunity to help out in the community in a really fun way.”

All of the agencies had the students do different volunteer projects, so they were as varied as the agencies themselves. The Delaware Museum of Natural History is preparing for an Oct. 12 Harry Potter event, so students helped prep for that event, and at the New Castle Historical Society the students were the test subjects of a scavenger hunt. Other students helped rake and did yard work.

It was the first time an entire grade in the Upper School participated in a day of service.

“Ninth-graders are either new to Tower Hill or new to the Upper School, so it’s a great way to introduce them to the spirit of service, which we hope they start to embody and continue to embody if it’s something that’s already important to them,” Fabbri said.