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Students Accepted into 2019 Delaware All-State Senior and Junior Choirs

The Tower Hill School Music Department is proud to announce the students accepted into the 2019 Delaware All-State Senior and Junior Choirs! 
Tower Hill students shined at the Delaware All-State Senior Chorus auditions this year. Sarah Gano '22, Rebecca Hankins '22, Katie Sullivan '21, Heidi Chu '19, Miguel Soares '21 andKeally Rohrbacher '21 were accepted into the Senior Mixed Choir. Sarah Greenberg '20, Claire Dignazio '21, Olivia Langlois '21 and Ananya Kakkilaya '22 were accepted into the Senior Treble Choir. Dignazio was ranked the top Alto 1 in Delaware, and Chu and Langlois were ranked within the top 10 highest Alto 1 scores.
Ally Valentine '23, Janie du Pont '24, Jeremy Allen '24, Margaret Cover '23, Sophie Cover '23, Charlotte Langlois '23, Charles Habgood '23 and Josh Hall '23 were accepted into the Junior Mixed Choir. Du Pont was ranked the 5th alto in Delaware, and Habgood and Hall were respectively ranked the first- and second-highest scoring basses in Delaware.
Congratulations to the accepted Tower Hill Upper and Middle School Choral students!