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Upper School Students Compete at Science Olympiad

On March 2, the Tower Hill Science Olympiad team traveled to Wilmington College to participate in the Science Olympiad. After finishing 34th (out of 56 teams) last year, the squad finished 20th (out of 57) this year. After taking home four medals last year, this year we brought home eight medals. More importantly, the team is building momentum. Although we will miss our strong senior leadership next year, we have a very capable group of freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are ready to keep us moving up the ranks.

This excitement can mainly be attributed to Brooke Livingston ’19, who provided tremendous leadership and set the example of how to compete at the highest level. Here is a list of the participants and the medal winners.

Joe Pinto
James Li
Brooke Livingston

Baron Jones
Austin Zhou
Yash Prashar
Lina Zhu

Gabriel Santos
Richard Chen
Vincent Cai

Mira Pudipeddi
Tucker Poff
Rebecca Hankins
Ben Maio
Connor Cuddy
Aidan Quig

Medal Winners
Fermi Questions (Yash Prashar, Austin Zhou) - 10th Place
Code Busters (Gabriel Santos, Richard Chen, Vincent Cai) - 10th Place
Dynamic Planet (Ben Maio, Brooke Livingston) - 9th Place
Designer Genes (James Li and Yash Prashar) - 8th Place
Experimental Design (Gabriel Santos, Richard Chen, Vincent Cai) - 6th Place
Bottle Rockets (Rebecca Hankins, Tucker Poff) - 6th Place
Circuit Lab (Gabriel Santos, Vincent Cai) - 6th Place
Disease Detectives (Brooke Livingston) - 2nd Place