Teaching Today

Making a Positive Impact

By Marina Attix, Lower School Faculty

A smile in the morning, a genuine wave in the afternoon or a twirl from a little girl passing in the hallway: Making a positive impact on someone’s day is a lot easier than you might think. I went into teaching because I wanted to shape the lives of others. Soon after I began, I learned how much others touched my heart, shaping me. This past June, I was lucky enough to watch seven of my first-ever students graduate. I felt so proud to know that I had a little part in their upbringing. Despite the relatively short time I spent with these students, keeping in touch with them and all my students has brought me years of happiness and influenced the person I have become.

When I tell people I teach 3-year-olds, the reactions I receive range from laughter, to praising of my perseverance, to certain doubting of my sanity. However, most people don’t realize how rewarding the experience truly is. As an early childhood teacher, I have the capability to share my happiness with others as well as impart invaluable knowledge on young, impressionable minds. I offer many hours of meaningful experiences in a nurturing environment, sprinkle them with enthusiasm and sing along the way. What could be more fun?

Knowing I have an impact, no matter how small, on who a person will become leads me to believe I have made an impact on the rest of the world. Besides, who else will compliment the Hello Kitty pajamas you wore on Pajama Day? Who else will remind you that you smell like flowers and your hair rivals that of princesses? Sometimes all you need is a little reminder that you can make someone else happy, feel loved and feel important. Teaching has provided me with that reminder every day.

Whenever you need a smile or a laugh, be sure to stop by the Tower Tots classroom. We may need some time to warm up to you; however, you are sure to leave with a few hugs and a fuller heart, feeling satisfied.

Marina Attix
Lower School Faculty