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Students Learn About Ramadan

In each division, students heard announcements about Ramadan, which began this week. Ramadan is the Holy Month of Fasting for Muslims all across the globe. During the month, observant Muslims do not drink or eat between sunrise and sunset. This applies to people who are physically able. It is through this fasting — a form of spiritual reflection and worldly cleansing —that Muslims gain a greater understanding of what it means to “not have,” take the opportunity to gain greater compassion and empathy, and refocus what is truly important in one’s life. Additionally, after mandatory nightly prayer, Isha, there are optional prayers throughout the night called Taraweeh. The month of Ramadan ends with a three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr, which includes exchanging gifts, visiting with family and friends, and joyous holiday festivities. 
During Ramadan, we have created designated spaces for Middle and Upper School students to pray during the day: Señora Martinez’s room for the Middle School and Mrs. Connor’s office for Upper School. Those students who wish to be apart during lunch are also invited to do so. Middle School students can sign-out with a faculty member to go to Señora Martinez’s room, and Upper School students can email Dr. Miller to coordinate.

To those in our community observing Ramadan, we wish you a good Holy Month. Ramadan Kareem, Ramadan Mubarak!