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Middle Schoolers Compete in NBA Math Hoops Finals

All year long fifth and sixth graders participated in a fun and mathematical program called NBA Math Hoops, a program sponsored and run by the NBA. During the school year, the students worked in teams and competed with other teams within their grade level. The year culminated with the top teams and players from each grade competing in a fifth grade versus sixth grade NBA Hoops competition. The semifinals and finals were held on DeGroat Field on Friday, June 4.
The competition was fierce with the Final Four being the fifth grade "Nothing" (Flora Jiang and Jilian Truesdell) versus the sixth grade "Boston Creme Donuts" (Braden Hehir and Will Toner) and the fifth grade "Lazy Chickens" (Claire Aitken and Chelsea Huang) versus "Lightning Bolts" (Maya Warthen and Annika Jorgenson). In the end, in very close scoring, "Nothing" and "Boston Creme Donuts" prevailed and moved onto the FINALS!  
After a 10-minute rest, the competition continued with the fifth and sixth grade gallery cheering and rooting for their teams. In the middle of the match, the "Lazy Chickens" stole the ball (by finding a mathematical error) from the "Boston Creme Donuts" to bring the crowd to a roar. The game was close, never more than a two-point spread. It came down to the last turn in the final minute of competition, for the Boston Creme Donuts to secure their victory and bring the cup home to sixth grade!
—Cherie Martinez, Middle School math faculty