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Middle Schoolers Win NBA Math Hoops

Fifth and sixth grade math classes participated in a program sponsored by the NBA and the Philadelphia 76ers called NBA Math Hoops. The students play a board game that incorporates math and sportsmanship along with strategy and sometimes luck! Since January, each Wednesday morning students compete with their partners in a weekly match against other fifth and sixth grade teams. The top two teams from each grade competed in a regional tournament. The fifth grade teams were: Basketball Goats (Zachary Deadwyler and Luca Monza) and The Mathmaswishians (Tyler Campbell and Jackson Spruance). The sixth grade teams were: Goatsology (Addison Rice and Elizabeth Spagnolo) and The Beasts (Sebastian DeSantis and Chase Rothbart). This year the Philadelphia 76ers Regional Tournament was held virtually. The champions were the Tower Hill Team of Zachary Deadwyler and Luca Monza, Basketball Goats!