Tower Hill Day at Wilmington Friends

On Saturday, November 11, 2006 Wilmington Friends will host Tower Hill for Tower Hill Day at Friends for the Annual football game between the two teams. Building on last year's Friends Day at Tower Hill the Development Offices of both schools are working together to make this year as successful as last year!  This year, parents have organized a "Hillers' Hike" which is an organized walk from Tower Hill to Friends in time for the tailgate lunch hosted by Friends   All are invited for refreshments and face painting in front of the Alumni House before the walk!  The 2-mile walk will commence at 12:30 and van service will be available from Friends to bring walkers back to campus.
Delaware's oldest independent school rivalry will shoulder-up and kickoff at 2:00 PM on Saturday, November 11, 2006 at Wilmington Friends.  The game is expected to be a great one.  Both teams are evenly matched and the winner will be crowned the Independent School Conference Champion.  While the teams will take to the fields, the alumni, friends, parents and fans of both schools will join in a collective tailgate party before the game. Wilmington Friends will provide food and refreshments.  

Tower Hill Development Director, Edwina Bell sees the game as more than football rivalry, "I think the two schools are building on an already strong history in this rivalry.  The students are locked in a spirited competition, but both schools honor the same virtues and principles exhibited in this historical competition. Both Tower Hill and Wilmington Friends serve greater Wilmington with two superb independent schools, so it will be a day to celebrate independent schools as well."

In that same spirit, parents are kicking off a “Hillers’ Hike” to Wilmington Friends.  Our friends from Wilmington Friends are also invited to come over to Tower Hill to join in the walk to the Friends campus.  There will be face painting and refreshments before the walk.  Tower Hill parent, Theresa Proud, mentioned “the idea behind the walk was to enjoy a November morning walk with friends.”  

All are welcomed, Hillers and Quakers alike!