Diversity and Inclusion

US Students Attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Five Upper School students and Jorge Pardo, Director of Multi-Cultural Development traveled to Loyola College in Baltimore to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference.
The trip to the SDLC conference in Baltimore allowed Kahlid Lucas, Royale Randolph, Sarah Kreshtool, Janice Szeto, and Ellie Zantzinger not only to discuss and further acknowledge the ongoing problems regarding diversity, but also to learn ways in which we could plan our own conference. We participated in various activities to aid us in recognizing diversity, recognizing problems within the lack of diversity, and creating our own conference. These activities revolved around three themes: dedication, desire, and discipline.

One of the most notable activities that helped us recognize ongoing problems within a lack of diversity, was an activity entitled "Cross the Line.” In this activity we aligned ourselves into one straight line as the leader, Rodney, presented a myriad of statements, regarding issues within diversity. If we felt the need to speak on a situation or share an experience, we were more than welcome to. Some typical statements were "Step behind the line if you have ever felt left out because of your socio economic status" and "Step back if you have ever been discouraged, or felt uneasy because of your skin color."

Another notable activity was set up so that we were placed into a group of about five or six by random order, and we designed our own presentation of diversity. As we presented the idea devised by our group, the leader "grilled” or asked flaw-revealing questions about our idea. This gave us a great sense of how the administration might react to our proposed conference. The SDLC trip was a unique experience, and hopefully we will be able to share what we learned with our community.

By Khaalid Lucas — Class of 2010