Alumna & Veternarian Timi Lee Visits Biology Classes

THS alumna Dr. Timi Lee, visited the upper school biology classes last Friday.  She graduated from THS in 1998 and currently works in Manhattan as a Veterinary General Practitioner.  Although she was initially interested in studying large animals, particularly horses, she began studying small animals in order to live in New York City.  Dr. Lee explained the many procedures she preforms daily; her favorites are dermatology, dentistry, and ultrasound.  Dr. Lee helped students understand the anatomy of a female cat as they assisted her in a necropsy (autopsy) of a preserved cat.  While the experiment initially was somewhat intimidating, the amazing experience will not soon be forgotten.  

Having studied in the same biology lab 10 year ago, Dr. Lee demonstrated how biology has shaped her career.  Mr. Mitchell, who taught Lee when she was at Tower Hill, said of the visit, "Nothing is more rewarding for a teacher than to see our outstanding and talented alums return to campus in order to enrich our current students. We are lucky to have so many  alums willing to spend time in the classroom; They are great role models and provide career insights for today's Hillers."

Click this link to see one of Dr. Lee's Walmart-sponsored series on youtube.