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Lower School Art Teacher Rowena Macleod Featured in the December Art in the Gallery

The December art exhibition brings together a community of women artists and art teachers, including Rowena Macleod, Tower Hill Lower School Art teacher, who live and work near one another in Delaware, supporting and encouraging each other in their separate artistic journeys. Their efforts embrace many media, including sculpture, painting, drawing, mask making, printmaking, collage and photography. The combined exhibition displays the diversity of their creative paths, which they hope will instill a deep appreciation that art is a powerful and valid means of communication. Whatever artistic path one may choose to travel, the endpoint for all is the truth and joy to be found in the exploration of artistic self-expression. The exhibit continues through December 17, 2010. 

Rowena Macleod has been a professional artist for over 20 years. Her art training took place at the University of Delaware, the University of Pennsylvania, Del State University and The Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She has established herself as a collage artist and shows her “compeinages” (combined paintings and collages) in the Mid-Atlanti region. The recipient of many awards, including two Delaware State Arts Council Fellowships, her work resides in collections throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. She has been active in arts organizations and was one of the founding members of the Newark Arts Alliance. Rowena has taught art in public and private schools and is very pleased to be the new Lower School art teacher at Tower Hill.

Caroline Beck received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and an MA from SUNY, New Paltz. She has been an art teacher in the Christina School District for 20 years. Inspired primarily by nature, myth and music, Caroline Beck finds printmaking a satisfying medium in which to explore her open-ended approach to creating art. Layering colors, textures and techniques, she often works from a pile of scrap papers--an assortment of thwarted attempts that allow the freedom to experiment with juxtaposition of images, shapes and colors in an intuitive manner.

Yolanda Chetwynd completed her Bachelor of Arts First Class Honors from Camberwell School of Art Slade and her High Diploma (equivalent to a Masters of Fine Arts in the U.S) in London. While studying painting in England, she received the prestigious Boise scholarship, enabling her to paint in India for a year. Yolanda attended the Art Institute of Chicago, completing a Masters in Professional Studies in Art Therapy at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. In addition to serving on a working on national workshops, Yolanda also teaches part-time at The College School, University of Delaware, and serves on the Delcaps Board of Directors, as New Castle representative of coaches for Odyssey of the Mind. The wandering nature of her Jewish heritage and her husband’s displaced Hindu family, who relocated to India during the 1947 partitioning, have resonated both in her life and in her paintings. Her style and subject matter about displaced people, community and everyday activities, that are important in establishing roots, reflect this truth.


Debbie Hegedus attended Kent State University and the University of Delaware and has a degree in Fine Arts. She has exhibited her sculptures, paintings, fiber art and installations at various venues in Delaware and New York. Her mosaic murals can be seen at various locations in downtown Newark. Hegedus was a founding member at the Newark Arts Alliance. She has been teaching art at the Newark Center for Creative Learning for over twenty years. “I cannot separate my life from my art. Both are miraculously aligned. Amid the joy and beauty of everyday life, I cannot ignore the injustices which also abound. I feel a sense of commitment to speak through my work of the tragedies, as well as the joys of our culture, with the hope that my art may perhaps plant seeds of compassion along the way.”



Originally from Cairo, Illinois, Cathy Spence obtained double majors in Nursing and Art from George Peabody College. She earned an M.A. degree in Art at Ball State University, studied photography under Byron Shurtleff and later taught photography course at the University of Delaware and the Delaware Art Museum. She was an art teacher in the New Castle County School Districts for 34 years. She has exhibited photographs in solo and group shows throughout the East Coast and is currently working on a photo essay on Southeast Asia. Cathy also works in different media; the prints, drawings, photographs in this exhibit have not been shown before.