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The Founders' Gallery: Discover the History of Tower Hill School

After the holiday break, you may have noticed a large mural placed inside the 19th Street entrance of the Lower Lobby of the Arts Center. The mural recognizes both Pierre S. du Pont, for whom the Arts Center is named, and the eleven founders of Tower Hill School. Click on READ MORE below for background on the project funded through the generosity of the board. 


As a tribute to the founders, the Lower Lobby of the Arts Center has been officially renamed "The Founders' Gallery."

Last May when we officially re-opened the Field House, the Board of Trustees commissioned a mural to acknowledge the important role that Walter S. Carpenter had played when he donated to Tower Hill the 5-acre parcel on which the Field House stands.


The reaction to the Carpenter mural has been very positive, and it became clear that we should look for other opportunities to celebrate the school’s history in ways that students can experience as part of their school day. Trustee Lance Weaver suggested that the vestibule area in the P.S. du Pont Arts Center represented a perfect location to pay tribute to Tower Hill’s eleven founders. Monnie Givens, the designer whom we enlisted to do the Field House mural, was again asked to work his magic.


All the written material that appears in the Arts Center mural is the result of the research and writing of Susan Mulchahey Chase and was originally published in a book entitled Forever Green, the history of the first 75 years of Tower Hill.


The history of Tower Hill is a compelling story. Now students, parents, alumni, faculty/staff, grandparents and other visitors have the opportunity to read and appreciate the work of our founding fathers. 


Pete duP. Hayward, Board of Trustees