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Baseball Field Narrowly Edged Out of National Field of the Year Title

Last summer the National High School Baseball Coaches Association named Tower Hill School's baseball field (Ruly Carpenter Stadium) as the Field of the Year for the mid-Atlantic region.


In November Tower Hill competed with seven other regional winners from across the country for the National Field of the Year award. Hoping to gain national recognition, a history of the field was completed. On the property on which the field stands today was St. Amour, a 40-room house built by Mrs. Lammot du Pont for her ten children, three who became presidents of the DuPont Company. The property was donated to Tower Hill in 1969. In 2009 St. Amour Field was named Ruly Carpenter Stadium, honoring R.R.M. Carpenter III, Tower Hill Class of 1958, who excelled in baseball and football at Tower Hill and later became the principal owner and president of the Philadelphia Phillies from 1972 to 1981.

Tower Hill was narrowly edged out of the national title by a municipal baseball complex in Wisconsin, but the Hiller facility gained the highest number of votes for a high school field.

Click to download a pdf of the History of Ruly Carpenter Stadium.