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TH Boys Lacrosse Pulls a Plane to Support Special Olympics

On April 10 Tower Hill boys' lacrosse team and supporters participated in the 13th Special Olympics Delaware/Delaware Air National Guard Airplane Pull. The event pits teams of 20 against a C-130 aircraft in a battle of strength, stamina and fun! Teams compete against each other to see who can pull the C-130 aircraft 12 feet in the fastest time – a major feat as the C-130 weighs 100,000 pounds, is 97 feet long, has a wingspan of 132 feet and stands 38 feet high!
The boys' lacrosse team was entered in the High School Division and captured 1st place with a time of 9.15 seconds. This was an especially strong showing since the team was five pullers short. Captains John Edinger, Stone Lieberman and Chas Robino led the small but mighty band to victory.
Tower Hill's second team, The Green & White Hillers led by Headmaster Chris Wheeler and comprised of coaches, parents, boosters and friends of Tower Hill, was a co-ed team entered in the Open Division competing against 30 other teams, mostly all male and including several military service units. Our illustrious band of
Hillers turned in the 8th best time of the day with 6.81 seconds.
Kathy Franklin, Theresa Shorey, Lori Van Sickle, Jodi Keller, Leslie Phillips and Joy Holloway were definitely the best looking and some of the toughest pullers for the Green & White team. Coaches Bill Cannon, Brad du Pont, Chris Aitken and Jack Holloway tried their best to counter balance the weight of the C-130, while Steve Van Vechten, Bruce Kelly, Kevin Waesco, Jim Ashton, Manny Alvarez, Sean Baetjer, Matt Leeson, Josh Holloway and Adam Swartzendruber followed the enthusiastic directions and lead of Captain Chris Wheeler to "stay low and move your feet." Linda Ogden, Laurie Edinger, Susie Waesco, Megan Aitkin, Lynn Alvarez and Sue Holloway provided much needed vocal support for all the pullers.
It was a fun day that raised over $28,000 for Special Olympics Delaware and drove home the point that a bunch of over-the-hill boosters can beat the boys' lacrosse team by 2.34 seconds. Better luck next year, guys!