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Alum Rob Flint '58 Shares Antarctica Experiences with 2nd Graders

Rob Flint '58, an electrical engineer and ten-time visitor to Antarctica, came to Mrs. Martinez's 2nd grade reading class. Mr. Flint is a graduate of Yale and Stanford and his professional career as an engineer involved nine trips to Antarctica! His first trip was in 1963, and his last trip was about five years ago. He spent 15 consecutive months there in 1974 working with the Russians on their weather research station.

Mr. Flint shared his slide show and his experiences with the 2nd graders. Link to his slide show: Antarctic Show. He even brought his special coat and boots for the children to try on. Students have been studying Antarctica and penguins for the last month. In December they made a flag which was sent to Antarctica and flew over the Cape Royds Penguin Colony.

Mr. Flint is the first cousin, twice removed of student Fin Maroney '23.