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Twelve Students Receive All-State Music Awards

Tower Hill students took part in competitive auditions for the 2013 Delaware All-State chorus, band and orchestra. Congratulations to the following twelve students who have been invited to participate in this year's All-State events. Three students -- Carina Miller, Josephine Chu and Sara Brown -- received All-State recognition for two musical groups. In addition several students were ranked as top musicians in Delaware. Congratulations to all!

Orchestra: Carina Miller (11th Grade - flute), Rachel Minkovitz (10th Grade – violin)

Senior Mixed Choir: Sara Brown (9th Grade), Cory Mengden (9th Grade)

Senior Women's Choir: Josephine Chu (11th Grade), Katherine Ianni (12th Grade), Anne Grae Martin (12th Grade). Anne Grae was ranked 4th overall soprano in the state.

Senior Band: Josephine Chu (11th Grade – flute), Carina Miller (11th Grade – flute). Carina was selected as 2nd chair in the state and Josephine as 3rd chair in the state.

Junior Band: Sara Brown (9th Grade – flute), Brian Miller (7th Grade – alto saxophone). Sara was ranked 1st chair in the state.

Junior Choir: Catherine An (7th Grade), Caroline Elson (7th Grade), Georgia Kollias (8th Grade), Lexi Longo (8th Grade)

The All-State musical groups will perform on February 23 (chorus), March 9 (band) and March 23 (orchestra).