Alumni Council Packs and Sends Care Packages to Alums

On February 5, members of the Alumni Council gathered in the Alumni House to pack and mail care packages to Tower Hill School college freshman, juniors and seniors. The tradition was as much fun for our alumni to organize as we hope it is for the 194 alums at colleges across the country to receive. The packages contain TastyKakes®, other goodies and a note of well wishes from Alumni Council President Tony Cucuzzella '82.

College sophomores were sent handmade Valentines from the first grade students. The alums often write back thanking the students for their cards.

Thank you to Jennifer Sinex Abramczyk '86, Melissa Wagner Flynn '91, Amanda Walker Friz '92, Tori Maxmin Gravuer '86, Anjali Rao Martin '91 and Beth Carney Salter '82 along with her daughter Rachel, who worked diligently to get the job done in record time. Headmaster Chris Wheeler and Brad du Pont '82 stopped in and kept the lively conversation going while the team stuffed, labeled and taped boxes. Thanks also to the first grade students for their beautiful Valentines.