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Chris Coons '81 and Mike Castle '57 Discuss the Impact of the Media on American Society

On April 29, Tower Hill welcomed two of the most prominent political figures in the country, Senator Chris Coons '81 and Congressman Mike Castle '57, for a discussion on the impact of the media on American society and the political process.
The event was a unique forum for a number of reasons, most notably the fact that it was not a traditional lecture, but rather a dialogue between the two speakers. Senior Evan Frazier moderated the conversation, posing an array of questions that he and his fellow students from the Modern European History class compiled in the weeks leading up to the event. Topics of discussion included monopolies and the consolidation of media markets, the impact of the media on policymaking, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and the hotly contested 2010 Delaware Senate race.

The Tower Hill community is truly grateful to these men for visiting and sharing their thoughts.

Mike Castle has compiled one of the most outstanding records of public service in the history of the state of Delaware. He has been a State Representative and Senator (1966-76), Lt. Governor (1981-85), Governor (1985-92) and Congressman (1993-2011). After graduating from Tower Hill, he attended Hamilton College and Georgetown Law School and has had a distinguished career in the law as well as politics.

After graduating from Tower Hill, Chris Coons attended Amherst College, Yale Divinity School and Yale Law School. He was elected County Executive of New Castle County in 2004 and U.S. Senator in 2010. He has been active both in many international and community service projects and as counsel for W. L. Gore & Associates.

Evan Frazer '13