Planning is underway for Tower Hill’s Centennial, which will begin in the 2018-2019 academic year as we celebrate our 100th year of operation. The year will be filled with “centennialized moments”—the Centennial Tree Trim, the Centennial Field Day—and culminate at the Centennial Celebration on Sept. 20-22, 2019, when the school turns 100. Be sure to mark your calendar!

A Centennial Steering Committee is collecting many creative ideas for commemorating this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, from special events and recognitions to student activities and alumni involvement around the globe. Faculty member Mary Hobbs ‘09 is chairing the Centennial Steering Committee, which is made up of alumni, current and former parents, trustees, faculty and staff. In addition, Decades Committee members include alumni through the years who will help encourage participation at Centennial events.

Alumni Involvement

In preparation for the Centennial in 2019, Tower Hill is seeking involvement from alumni in these ways:
1. Donate Tower Hill memorabilia (almost anything other than yearbooks) to Ellis Wasson, Archivist, Tower Hill School, 2813 West 17th Street, Wilmington, DE 19806.
2. Submit your favorite THS teacher(s) for consideration in the 100 Years of Teaching Excellence at Tower Hill School commemorative book.

3. Submit your nomination(s) for the Tower Hill Athletic Hall of Fame.

4. Consider participating in the Centennial art and author exhibit in September 2019. Alumni, faculty and parents welcome! Contact Judy Setting for more information.

“Tower Hill has such a rich history, and we are excited to honor our past and look toward the future of this wonderful school for generations of students and families to come.”
—Mary Hobbs Taylor ‘09

Honorary Committee

Richard H. Bayard ‘67 and Josephine Bayard
Harry N. Baetjer III and Caryl J. Baetjer
R.R.M. Carpenter III ‘58 and Stephanie Conklin Carpenter ‘58
The Hon. Michael N. Castle ‘57 and Jane D. Castle
Irénée “Brip” du Pont, Jr. ‘38 and Barbara du Pont
The Hon. Pierre S. du Pont IV ‘52 and Elise du Pont
Timothy B. Golding and Mary Lou Golding
Pierre duP. Hayward ‘66 and Martina Combs Hayward
Alison Collins McKenna ‘57
Betty Richardson
Susan Hill Ward ‘54 and Rodman Ward, Jr.
H. Alex Wise ‘64 and Wendy Ward Wise ‘68

Schedule - Updates Pending

Friday, Sept. 20, 2019
Athletic competitions: field hockey, volleyball
Artists and Authors Exhibit Opens
Cocktail Reception
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019
Athletic competitions: cross country, soccer, football
Announcement of Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees
Decades Panel
Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019
Farewell Breakfast
Check back for additional updates!


Offering 10% off regular rates during Centennial Weekend (Sept. 20, 21 and 22, 2019)

Steering Committee

Mary Hobbs Taylor ‘09, Chair
Elizabeth Montaigne Applegate ‘79, P ‘10, ‘12, ‘16,
Marina Attix P ‘15, ‘18, ‘18, Co-Chair
Jack Smith P ‘98, ‘03, ‘08, Co-Chair
Chris Aitken P ‘26, ‘28
Ashley R. Altschuler ‘90, P ‘25, ‘27, ‘29
Kate Bailey
Louise Barton P ‘18, ‘20, ‘24
Erica J. Bickhart ‘08
Linda R. Boyden P ‘10, ‘13, ‘13, ‘20
Alisha Wayman Bryson ‘91
Sara Bush P ‘11
Phoebe C. P. Brokaw Davidson ‘97, P ‘30, '33
Tenley de Ramel P ‘30
Erica Reedy Donoho P ‘16, ‘20
E. Bradford du Pont, Jr. ‘82, P ‘10, ‘12, ‘16
Tara Malloy Fletcher
Melissa Wagner Flynn ‘91, P  ‘26, ‘28, ‘28
Julie Goldston
Victoria Maxmin Gravuer '86, P '22, '25
Megan Greenberg P ‘20
Art Hall P ‘26, ‘27
Mike Holloway
Ellet Kidd Jones P ‘20, ‘22, ‘24
Chris Kalamchi ‘08
Matt Kator P ‘22, ‘26, ‘29
Margaret O. Kullman ‘08
Seth Kushkin P ‘24, ‘25
Heather Weymouth Lowry ‘97, P ‘30
Pam McCrery P ‘00, ‘03
Teresa B. Messmore P ‘27, ‘29
Kristin B. Mumford P ‘24, ‘27
Lucy E. Nutting ‘10
Logan Weaver Read '10
Mitzi Rohrbacher P ‘19, ‘21, ‘26
Ashley Hershey Schlobach P ‘21, ‘24
Judy Setting P ‘26
Samantha M. Spruance P ‘14, ‘17
Julia Stone P ‘19, ‘23
Isabella Speakman Timon ‘92, P ‘20, ‘21, ‘24, ‘26
Matthew T. Twyman III ‘88, P '25, '25, '28
Ellis A. Wasson, Ph.D.
Katharine Lopez Weymouth, M.D. ‘94, P ‘27

Decades Committee

Ann Barlow Ashley ‘79
Randolph Barton, Jr. ‘59
Erica J. Bickhart ‘08
Georgina Miller Bissell ‘38
Ellen Cannon ‘72
Christopher D. Casscells, M.D. ‘71
Christopher W. Casscells ‘02
Ann Sawyer Chilton ‘85 and Edmund R. Chilton
Regina Wells Clark PharmD ‘81
Christopher R. Donoho III ‘87
Charles J. Durante ‘69
John S. Edinger III ‘11
K. Cole Flickinger ‘94
Michael J. Flynn ‘91
Mary W. Foulk ‘87
Kathleen F. Gianforcaro ‘16
Karen Abrams Graham ‘76
Heather Kestner Green, Ph.D. ‘94
Joan Fairman Gummey ‘61 and Charles F. Gummey, Jr.
Nancy L. Hayward ‘60
Judith Carpenter Herdeg ‘57
George D. Hobbs II ‘75 and Anne M. Hobbs
R. Maurice Holden ‘85
Brooke A. Kelly ‘11
Loring Weaver Knott ‘08
Meghan E. Lyons ‘09
Faith A. Lyons ‘12
Diana Wardenburg Maxmin ‘55
Albert J. McCrery IV ‘00
Aleni M. Pappas ‘96
Amanda Golding Riegel ‘94
John E. Riegel, Jr. ‘90
Beverley Wellford Rowland ‘56
Walter S. Rowland, Sr. ‘57
H. Wesley Schwandt ‘86
Randolph W. Urmston ‘62
Anne A. Verplanck ‘76