Diversity at Tower Hill

Tower Hill School believes that diversity in beliefs, cultures and points of view in all aspects of school life broadens and enhances the educational experience. Different perspectives are a source of strength, creativity, enrichment and renewal in the Tower Hill community.

We foster an educational environment in which each member, regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status, is a welcomed and valued contributor. We recognize, understand and respect the distinct identity, dignity and individuality of each member of the community.

Tower Hill School embraces a broad definition of diversity that acknowledges the many ways each of us is unique, including, but not limited to, our various talents, perspectives, goals, ethnicities, orientations, and religions. With this broad definition in mind, we hope to create an educational environment in which each person is genuinely valued, respected and included. We believe that diversity enriches the educational experience and strengthens our overall community.

Student and Faculty Groups include:
Faculty Diversity Committee - Lower School
Harmony Club - Lower School 
Diversity Club - Upper School
Chinese Culture Club - Upper School 
Bollywood Club - Upper School 
Feminism Club - Upper School 
Model U.N. - Upper School 

For Parents

PAATH is a Home & School Committee that stands for Parents of African-Americans at Tower Hill. PAATH was organized in 2002 by a group of African American parents committed to supporting each other and sharing their experiences, hopes, concerns and desired successes for their children at Tower Hill.

The Parents of African-Americans at Tower Hill committee supports the school in ensuring that the richness of the African American experience is treasured, celebrated and valued as an integral component of the educational traditions of Tower Hill School. The continuous assistance from PAATH will ensure that diversity in every aspect of the Tower Hill community is, at the very least, equal to the depth and breadth of the diversity reflected in the greater community it serves.

Our goal is to create a sense of community and support families of African American students at Tower Hill. PAATH seeks to create an atmosphere that promotes self-awareness in an inclusive environment as well as improve cross-cultural communication between all Tower Hill students, staff and administration.

Today, PAATH is very involved in Tower Hill School's commitment to diversity in all divisions and throughout the community. All members of the Tower Hill community are welcome. Contact: paath@towerhill.org.

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Diversity at Tower Hill News

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