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Tower Hill embraces technology, always keeping in mind that the human interaction between a student and teacher is the most important component of education. At the same time, learning to utilize technology is critical to today’s educational environment and the world beyond the classroom. Tower Hill's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach enhances opportunities to research, communicate, share and collaborate online.

Technology Integration in the Academic Departments

The academic departments have crafted a plan for integrating technology within their individual curriculums. Please visit the department pages under Academics to view a brief description of technology integration within each department.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: What are some of the recommended devices?

    A: At this time, our recommendation is for a student to bring a laptop to school. The rapidly changing technology of tablets may make them viable in the future; however, at this moment, a tablet's technology limits its usefulness.

    Familiarity and personal preference should be factors in selecting a laptop. Whichever device your child chooses to use, we strongly recommend that you get an extended service agreement -- something beyond the typical one-year warranty -- for that device.

    Laptops choices may include:
    • A MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with a Mac OS of 10.11 or better is recommended for Upper School Students and is an option for Middle School students.
    • A PC with Windows 10 is also acceptable.
    • Chromebook (An additional option for Middle School students only.)

    Recommended Accessories:
    • Charger
    • External hard drive
    • Flash drive
    • Protective case
  • Q: What should my child bring to school each day?

    A: Students are expected to bring their fully charged device, a protective case, and a charger to school. 
  • Q: What will my child need to do at home to maintain their device?

    A: At home, students will be responsible for plugging the device in to charge and doing a nightly backup using a flash drive and/or an external hard drive.
  • Q: What software should be purchased?

    A: At this time, students should have some version of an Office suite on their device. Internet-based office options are Google Drive and OpenOffice. If you are confident that you will have an Internet connection at all times, these options are feasible. If not, Microsoft Office is an option. Many devices currently come loaded with this package, but the package may need to be purchased.
  • Q: What are the classroom rules for using student owned devices?

    Teachers make the final decision when any tools are used in the classroom, including personal devices. The individual teachers will communicate their expectations to parents and students.
  • Q: How will my child keep track of their device at school?

    A: Each individual device should be labeled with the student's name, and the students will also be encouraged to personalize their protective cases and chargers.  Tower Hill does not have the ability to monitor or trace devices if they go missing.
  • Q: Is there a way for my child to secure their laptop?

    A: If students choose to have their devices locked, they can purchase a specific cable locking system to use with their device. Upon request, maintenance will also install an eye bolt inside the locker to use with this system.
  • Q: Who is responsible for any repairs or updating to personal computing devices?

    A: Students and/or their families are responsible for their personal computing devices at all times. Tower Hill does not have the technology support staff to repair or update personal computing devices. One option is to purchase insurance for the device through Safeware, a company that specializes in insurance for all types of electronic devices. Beginning in the '14-'15 school year, the students may also take their device to the Tower Techs, a student group designed to assist and troubleshoot minor technology issues.
  • Q: If my child's device is stolen or damaged, what recourse can I take?

    A: Tower Hill is not responsible for any damage or theft of student owned equipment. Keeping track of the device's serial number, model and type will be helpful. If you purchased any type of warranty with the device, you may also seek recourse for possible loss/damage through this avenue.
  • Q: Why did Tower Hill choose BYOD?

    A: Tower Hill chose the BYOD approach because it reflects a perspective about students as independent learners who use their own tools in their own way. Under our close supervision, the devices will be used to access information and to communicate, create and publish a well-crafted product. Students will develop an individual competency with their hardware and software that will provide continuity as they create projects with their own learning style. Finally, while many students bring their own devices to school today, there is a qualitative change when the faculty can count on every student bringing a laptop that is charged and functional.
  • Q: Will my child need to sign a Responsible Use Policy document?

    A: Yes. In order for Tower Hill School to supervise a student's use of the computer network and the Internet, a form must be signed by each student who wants to have access to the school’s educational resources. Parents/guardians of students are also required to read and sign the agreement. Signing the Responsible Use Policy ensures that the student and parent/guardian have read and understood the expectations of Tower Hill School.
  • Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about BYOD?

    A: If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Donlon, Academic Technology,

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